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Cutting edge segments for SEM 5T loaders

We’re super proud of our products, which are top-notch thanks to our team of expert engineers and technicians.

Z5B148026 CUTTING EDGE SEGMENTD1A0121Z5B148026(5533091)614*300*32*8-4*∮22∮56↓12
Z5B148027 CUTTING EDGE SEGMENTD1A0122Z5B148027(5533092)971*300*32*8-4*∮22∮56↓12
Z5B148028 CUTTING EDGE SEGMENTD1A0123Z5B148028(5533093)971*300*32*8-4*∮22∮56↓12
Z5B118038 CUTTING EDGE SEGMENTD1B0109Z5B118038(5231204)776.5*300*32*8-4*∮56↓12/4*∮22
Z5B118039 CUTTING EDGE SEGMENTD1B0110Z5B118039(5231205)776.5*300*32*8-4*∮56↓12/4*∮22
Z5B118040 CUTTING EDGE SEGMENTD1B0111Z5B118040(5231206)1372*300*30*8-6*∮56↓12/6*∮22
Z52118024-2 CUTTING EDGE SEGMENTD1B0073Z52118024-2(5229289)785*290*30*15-3*∮26∮70↓18


We're super proud of our products, which are top-notch thanks to our team of expert engineers and technicians. Our cutting-edge equipment and testing facilities make sure everything we produce meets or beats industry standards. As leaders in the field, we're always innovating and improving to give our customers even better products and services.

We've built up a solid reputation and gained recognition both domestically and internationally. Our top-notch wear parts aren't just sold to the spare parts market, but we also supply 70% of China's heavy machinery manufacturers with our superior products.


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Are you a manufacturer or a trading company?

We are a leading manufacturer and exporter of high-quality wear parts for major heavy machinery in China.

Where is your factory located? May we visit your factory?

We are in Luoyang City, Henan Province, China. We warmly welcome you and look forward to your visit to our factory. Please contact us!

How do you gurantee the quality and price?

We have obtained ISO9001 quality certification and have been focusing on the field of wear-resistant parts for over 30 years. With a highly skilled technical team and patented processes, we ensure that our wear-resistant parts always provide long-lasting performance. Thanks to the recognition of the market, our annual production capacity has always been at the leading level in the industry, so we can have the advantage of scale and provide affordable and high-quality products.

May I customiate parts for my needs?

Yes, we can provide OEM/ODM services. Please contact our professional team and let us know your requirements.

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